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mommy vacationI get it! Getting away from home without your family is hard! But every now and then moms just have go away to keep our own sanity. I recently went on a four-day get-a-way cruise with one of my best friends. There were plenty of things to do, lots of fun to be had and plenty of much needed rest and relaxation. As if these weren’t good enough reasons to go on a little mommy vacay, I walked away from my trip having learned some interesting tid bits that will make your next get-a-way even more rejuvenating.

Here are 3 Lessons I didn’t expect to learn from my mommy vacation.

Lesson # 1 – It’s Okay NOT To Have A Schedule

We are organized people aren’t we? We know how to get things done on time and we often take this same mentality with us on vacation. This is easy to do on a cruise ship when there is a time and place for every form of entertainment. We can easily start thinking we should schedule in a comedy show at 5:30, watch the hairiest man contest on the deck at 12, and always be at dinner by 6:30.

My advice. Give yourself a break! If you happen to be there at 12 for that contest GREAT. Enjoy it. If not, enjoy the sun and pool instead!

Lesson # 2 – It’s Okay NOT to Act 20 Something Anymore!

There was a time when I thought fun had to include dancing at the night club till 3 in the morning and having a few drinks along the way. But now? ….Not so much. I still hit the onboard night club, but I am long gone before last call.

And those drinks? I may have had one.

The point is, our idea of vacation and what we consider fun changes as we mature. Allow that to be and don’t beat yourself up for not wanting to do all the things you use to do a decade ago.

Lesson # 3 – It’s Okay NOT to Eat Like Crap!

This lesson could go both ways. I use to treat vacation as an excuse to completely abandon my “food rules”. You know, desert several times a day. And you better believe I was going back for seconds at the buffet. But as we get older we begin to listen more intently to the messages our bodies send us. We internalize how crappy several deserts and multiple buffet trips make us feel so we CHOOSE not to do it. On the other hand, we know how great those fresh fruits and veggies make us feel so we CHOOSE to eat those instead.

The point is, a mommy vacation is all about allowing yourself the freedom to be fully who and what you are RIGHT NOW. Not who we think we should be or who we use to be. It’s a time away from the rigors of work, and family to connect with YOU.

So let your hair down, wear your bikini and enjoy yourself.

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