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This hashtag has been a splinter in my side for the last year or so. I see it all the time #yogaeverydamnday on Instagram and Facebook, but I have a hard time deciding HOW to apply its message.

I think many people take this hashtag to mean that in order to be a “real” yogi, you have to roll out your mat and practice sun salutations and handstands every day.

But do you have to do weirdly named poses everyday? Do you have to chant or meditate everyday?

After 15 years of practicing yoga myself and 8 years teaching it to others, here’s what I’ve come to think about the topic.

In a nutshell, yoga is all about uniting the seemingly separate parts of yourself (your mind, body and spirit) so that your life is balanced and YOU are healthy.

When your life is balanced, you are more patient and can use your time, money and other resources more successfully. When your life is balanced, you don’t fly off the deep end when your kid spills his milk all over the floor, or when your husband forgets to pick up the dry cleaning.

Long and short, when mommy is balanced and happy, the WHOLE family is happy! Consider maintaining this balance your number 1 priority! And that’s what our growing group of yogini moms support each other in doing in the Yoga Mamas Exclusive Facebook group. Click here if you want to join this amazing group of moms!

To do this yogis follow an 8 step (8 limbed) process to achieving what we call the “state of yoga”. Or the state of a balanced mind, body and spirit.

Yoga steps 1 and 2: Practice the Do’s and Don’ts of yoga. These “rules” read an awful lot like the 10 commandments.

DON’T harm. DON’T lie. DON’T steal. DON’T be gluttonous. DON’T be possessive.

DO cleanse your mind and body. DO be content. DO practice discipline. DO study yourself. DO surrender to the Divine.

Yoga Step 3: Practice yoga poses so that you have a healthy body to do your work in the world. In other words, get some physical exercise. If you have a yoga practice (or are looking to establish one) check out my quick weekly yoga tutorials that are designed to give you a better understanding of the postures to deepen your practice.  Sign up for that here!

Yoga Step 4: Practice breathing exercises that help you manage your energy so that you can do your work with a calm and focused mind. Just breathe!

Yoga Step 5: Practice letting go of (or ignoring) much of the stimuli from the outside world. In other words, take some time for silence and stillness. This helps you practice one of those “Dos” of studying yourself.

Yoga Step 6: Now that you’re ignoring the outside noise, practice focusing. Focus on what? Well that’s up to you, but I would choose to focus on the positive things in life.

Yoga Step 7: Practice noticing what’s going on in and around you, but just let it all “be”. Don’t become attached to the stuff that’s happening.

Yoga Step 8: Be in the flow of Life with no agenda.

So YES absolutely you can practice #yogaeverydamnday!

That doesn’t mean you have to go to a class, or stand on your head or memorize a complicated mantra in an ancient language. Sure you could do these things.

But if you want to make yoga an everyday part of your life, keep it simple. Do what works for you to feel connected and healthy in your body, your mind and your spirit.

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