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Here’s the thing. There is no one, or nothing outside of yourself that will save you. You are your own savior.  You are a manifestation of God source.  You are the manifestation of healing energy. You have all power to have dominion over your own life.  Whether it is an illness, a bad relationship or a job you can’t stand, see yourself and your LIFE the way that it truly is.

I asked Goddess to show me the Truth and to reveal herself to me in a way that I couldn’t brush off as coincidence.

She revealed herself by having me look in the mirror. I had forgotten who I was.  She showed me the Truth by reminding me to see myself as I am.

Have you forgotten who YOU are?

You are both god and goddess.  You are the manifestation of those energies and within those energies are the energies of good health, wholeness, happiness, peace, right relationships etc.

You ARE whole and you ARE healthy.

I take a look at my life since learning about the Law of Attraction and the “spiritual path.” All this time I’ve been trying to “manifest” to conjure up something.

I’ve been doing this with the assumption that I didn’t have the thing I wanted and so I was going to manifest the thing with the power of my thought.  I was going to feel joy at the thought of having it and that joy would BRING it to me.

Here’s the problem with that line of thinking.

I already have what I seek so I don’t need to bring anything to me.

I don’t need to make something happen. It’s already happening!

That’s like looking at the sky on a cloudy day.  I could say the sun is not out.  But of course the sun IS out.  I can’t see it. I can’t experience it because the condition of the clouds (which is temporary) are blocking my view.

But I can use my imagination to visualize the sun that of course is already there. When I visualize the sun I’m not making the sun come out. I’m just seeing rightly what is already there although it may not be perceivable to my senses at the moment.

Eventually I will be able to see the sun because the clouds will move. The condition will change. It would be silly of me to get mad at the clouds.  I don’t say to the clouds “you have taken the sun away from me!”

I know that eventually the clouds will move, but for right now the clouds are telling me something. They are telling me that it may rain so maybe I should go inside or get and umbrella.

Same idea is true of the healing of your life.  You are already healthy and happy.  The scale, the stethoscope, the blood pressure monitor, the amount in your bank account, NONE of those things tell you that you are whole.  Those things are tools and can only cue you into a condition of your life. That condition is giving you a message.

Maybe the message is you should eat differently or move more frequently to improve your physical health. Maybe the message is that you are perceiving your friend’s or spouse’s motives inaccurately. Maybe the message is that it’s time for you to do something else for work.

But rest assured the TOOLS that measure your health DO NOT determine you health.  Your prognosis does not define you!

Your current relationship does not define you!

Your job does not define you!


Your job is to hold the vibration of what ALREADY IS.  You are healthy and whole right now!  Eventually the conditions will change as you pay attention and act on what the cues the tools are giving you.

When the conditions change, (when the clouds pass) the presence of the sun will be evident.

It will appear that you conjured up good health by eating whole foods and releasing negativity.  Or it will appear that you conjured up a your dream job by tracking down job postings and applying to new roles everyday in your spare time.

Yes you may have done those things.  BUT NO you didn’t conjure it up.

You just removed the conditions that were blocking you from seeing what was already True.  What was already there.

You are good health and happiness.