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It’s amazing how your physical body will tell secrets about your health. Before any health issue gets “out of control” the body will give you little (but subtle) clues about how well it’s doing.

For example, I’ve been working really long hours on a project. I’m just finishing writing my first book (more on that later) and the excitement of it all has my thoughts running.

I’ve been staying up late and devoting a lot of my energy to this project. But when I pay attention I notice my body giving me signs that I am overworking.

Sign # 1 – I get Heartburn!

I don’t often get heartburn. I can eat and easily digest ANYTHING! But when I overwork and under rest my body responds by sending all of the fiery “work” energy right into my gut. According to the ancient science of Ayurveda this is a classic Pitta dosha symptom of imbalance. And of course I am very Pitta. (learn about your dosha here)

Sign #2 – My quadriceps get sore!

It doesn’t matter whether I’ve actually done exercise to cause my thighs to be sore or not. According to yogic principles, tension in your muscles doesn’t have to be due to some physical strain. Sometimes muscular tension arises because of emotion or mental strain.

In my case, symbolically my thighs are the muscles that propel me forward. They are the main muscles used in walking and running. The muscles of activity and getting things done. So it makes a lot of sense that when I am working hard on a very driven and forward moving project, that I would accumulate tension in my quads.

So what’s the solution?

First I listen. If I never stop long enough to become aware of my body, then I will never know that there is something wrong. So first I schedule time out to just notice my body.

Then I use my ayurvedic tricks to heal my imbalances before it gets any worse.

In this case, I’ll eat a piece of crystallized ginger to calm my heartburn, THEN I’ll take a nap or schedule more rest time. To alleviate my tense muscles, I’ll do some yin yoga poses and maybe get a massage.

The point is, our bodies tell us secrets about our health everyday. All we have to do is listen and then take action to correct the imbalances.

Be Blessed Mamas

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