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Let me pump the brakes real quick before I start explaining why sex (yes you read that right), sex IS my yoga practice.

First off I’m not talking about any weird ancient complicated sexual positions. I’m also not talking about rituals to draw up the “shakti energy” through my crown chakra.

While Kama Sutra and Tantric practices sound great and exciting in theory, I’m a busy mom of 3 school-aged kids and simply put…I ain’t got time for that!

Yoga, in my practice (and in my many years of teaching it) is a very practical and pragmatic endeavor.

It serves a very functional purpose in my life and in my student’s lives and my sexual yoga practice is no different.

So now that that’s all cleared up, lets get busy (pun intended), talking about S.E.X!

Why Sex Is A Busy Mom’s Best Yoga Practice –  Reason #1

Yoga is all about re-learning who and what you are at the core of your being.  In yogic tradition we call who you really are the “Atman” or the High or Divine Self.

Sex (and intimacy) with your partner is really about the same thing.

When you are with your beloved you are learning them. You are getting a first hand glimpse of who and what they are as a person. You get to communicate with them in ways that go beyond the ordinary and enter the realm of the extraordinary.

But equally as important you are also learning (or re-learning) yourself when you hit the sheets. Through sex, you are able to more fully understand your own desires, needs and emotions.

As busy moms we often lose our own identity in an effort to take care of the tiny humans in our lives. Love making, yoga style, helps us reconnect with ourselves and our partner.

It’s a win-win!

Why Sex Is A Busy Mom’s Best Yoga Practice –  Reason #2

Okay lady. Here’s the thing.  In order to practice something, you actually have to DO something.

And one of the core principles of yoga is that it is a PRACTICE.  Meaning the emphasis is on DOING.

This is great news for busy moms!

Modern mommies often have so many must-do’s on our to-do lists that we rarely make something as gratifying and pleasurable as sex a priority.

As a result our own sense of desire and the quality of intimacy in our relationships begin to suffer.

So I say, let’s put sex on the to-do list and make it a “must-do” much like buying groceries!

By understanding love-making as a practice, just like you understand yoga class, meditation or prayer as a practice, we honor it for its importance in our lives.

We give sex the value it deserves in keeping or minds, bodies and relationships healthy!

And the last reason?

Why Sex Is A Busy Mom’s Best Yoga Practice –  Reason #3


I know. I know. That’s a wishy washy word that is peddled around a lot these days.

But when I talk about mindfulness I’m simply taking about your ability to be attentive to what is going on RIGHT NOW.

And yoga is all about mindfulness.

From breathing practices, to postures, to meditation a yogi is constantly practicing being in the present moment.

As for sex? Isn’t right here, right now, where you want to be when you’re having sex?

I get that if you’re a busy mom with kids always touching you, cuddling you and vying for your attention the thought of having sex my sound like just one more thing to check off your to do list.

But being mindful is where those feelings of “obligation” start to go away.

You see, unlike in a traditional yoga practice on the mat, sex is inherently pleasurable.

Traditional yoga poses can be downright challenging and almost painful (think standing on your head for 10 minutes or sitting in a full out split). Yeah not so comfy – right?

But sex?

Sex is supposed to feel good! And the more mindful you are of those good feelings the more benefit you get from the experience.

So being in the moment and mindful during sex is a great way to experience a little extra joy, pleasure and fulfillment in your otherwise busy mom life!

So yes mama, sex is yoga. Sex is practical. And sex when practiced mindfully can be downright delicious!

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