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Drg Darsana Saktyor Ekatmatevasmita = To identify consciousness with that which merely refects consciousness – this is egoism.

Let’s talk about egoism and how it negatively affects our lives as women and moms.

There is a verse in the Yoga Sutras that says “To identify consciousness with that which merely reflects consciousness – this is egoism.”

Basically what the author is saying is that we wrongly think that we are only this physical body of blood, flesh, bone and thoughts. When in Reality we are the so much more than that!

Problems arise in our lives because when we think we are just a physical being, we cling to physical things that ultimately don’t matter.

So we cling to relationships that bring us temporary joy but not true happiness.

We cling to the idea that our children should behave a certain way, which causes us a bunch of unnecessary frustration and anger.

And we cling to ideas of what our body should look like and do on our yoga mats, instead of allowing our physical practice to meet our current physical and emotional needs.

All of these things destroy our sense of well-being. Yoga practices are designed to help us see ourselves “rightly”.

In other words, yoga helps us see that we are more than this body, that we are connected to everything.

And that there is really nothing in this physical world that can destroy our True well-being.

Other than yoga, how do you realize/practice your connection with Life?