Those first few months of yoga teacher training were dizzying but I loved them.

Coming from an African American home my spiritual upbringing was very Christian-like. So learning about yogic philosophy and spirituality bent my mind and pushed me to my edges. It made me think and stretch my ideas about truth in more ways than I ever thought.

When we came to the portion of our training on meditation, we were taught the power of mantra.

And like many new meditators we were taught a simple Sanskrit mantra to meditate on “so hum”.

Truth be told, this was not the first time I’d meditated, nor the first time I’d used this mantra, but what my teacher taught me this time changed the way I understood and used this ancient sound from that day forth.

The meaning and power of so hum.

I learned that the sounds/words ‘so hum”, were not just sounds at all. But carried vibration and meaning that if focused on, consistently could really transform your life for the better.

I was taught,  “so” means “I am” In other words it represents the Great I Am presence that permeates all things.  And “hum” represents “That”. That which is, was and always will be. That which is all things, peace, love, joy abundance, happiness. That being all there is.

When we chant or meditate on so hum we are really saying I AM That, that I am.

I am peace. Peace I am

I am love, love I am

I am joy, joy I am

I am abundance, Abundance I am

For the striving overly ambitious pitta mama that I am, this mantra cools my flames every time.

On a practical note, whenever I find myself struggling to accomplish something, so hum reminds me that I am already that which I’m seeking. And it is already me.  In other words, there is no separation between myself and what I’m striving for.

Deep breath!!!

You mean I don’t need to try so hard? I don’t need to burn myself out to make everything in my life “just so.”

Whatever it is you’re seeking, be it balance, peace, ease, joy, strength, meditating on so hum can help you realize just what I have come to know for myself.  That you are already all of the qualities that you are seeking. And when you know this too, like really know it in your bones, then you can put down the  control stick, let your foot off the gas a bit and breathe into your true mom power and greatness.

Here’s to an awakened and powerful week mama!


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