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My grandmother was a devout Jehovah’s Witness when I was a child. I can remember her reading her bible every night as she drank hot coffee with extra milk and sugar. Every other day she went out into “field service,” knocking on doors to spread the gospel of Christ’s return.

What I remember most about my Granny is how devoted she was. And how she seemed to demonstrate what she “preached” about ceaseless prayer.

My first lesson in prayer from her did NOT involve me getting down on my knees and clasping my hands. We were actually walking to the store and she told me, you can be praying right now. You don’t have to close your eyes to pray, or sit a certain way. You always have the ability to commune with God, she said.

As a yogini and busy mother, I’ve taken that teaching to heart. As moms, we don’t always have time for a formal conversation with the Divine. Heck most of us don’t even have time to pee alone.

But that’s one of the things I like so much about what yoga teaches us about mantra. A mantra, is most often thought of as a word, sound or phrase we use to focus our mind during meditation.

But what about the other 23.5 hours of the day? When our mind spins off into all the things we have to do and all the things we’re worried about. Can’t we use our mantra then too?

I say sure! At any given moment, your mind will be filled with thought. Why not choose what thoughts it’s filled with?

When used throughout the day, as you do your work, drive your car or wash your dishes, a mantra becomes a ceaseless prayer. A prayer that focuses your mind in the most positive direction your life can go at the moment. A prayer that can help you release doubts and fears that you’ve been clinging to for years.

I’m always amazed at how quickly, repeating a mantra during the day can change my whole world around for the better, and allow me to see my life situations with more perspective.

How about you? Do you use a mantra throughout the day? I’d love to read about your experience with this. Share in the comments.

Love to you mama!


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