reading on a bench

I absolutely, positively LOVE to sleep in this purple flannel Eeyore night gown. It is my favorite thing to sleep in! (Don’t judge me! Lol). However, I only wear it when my husband is out of town because he hates to see me in this frumpy get up!

So wearing it has become ONE of my SSB’s (secret single behaviors).  You know the things we do when our partners are not around. You have some too, I’m sure.

But what does frumpy Eeyore PJs have to do with yoga and self-love?

See, I wear this gown, not because I think it’s the most flattering garment (cause it’s not).

I wear it because I LOVE the way it feels on me. And I LOVE the color and the character of it.

Bottom line, I wear it for the shear JOY and PLEASURE of expressing this aspect of myself.

Don’t you miss doing that? Doing something solely because it’s pleasing to you!

Dr. Christiane Northrup said that the happiest people (and the ones that live the longest) are the people who engage in “activities of pleasure” every single day!

keya eeyor pjs

My real PJs (Don’t judge me)

Those activities of pleasure could be savoring a glass of wine, smoking a cigar or in my case wearing frumpy PJs.

When we do things just for the joy of it, we express our deep sense of love for ourselves.

We fee our souls.

A lot of the time, somewhere between being a mom and taking care of all the things that role requires, we lose ourselves.

We put off what we love to do and replace it with what OUGHT to do. I’m not suggesting you shirk you mommy duties.

But I am suggesting you take some time (regularly) to do even small activities of pleasure. I can almost guarantee you’ll be much happier for it!

Do you have SSBs? Share them in the comments.