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Tada Drastuk Svarupe Vasthanam = Then the seer [Self] abides in Her own nature.

Over the last long school holiday, on of my restorative yoga students (a young mother) and I were talking about how challenging it has been to be off our schedules with the kids (and husbands) home during the holiday.

We joked about how we couldn’t wait to have our houses back in order and ship the family off to where they “belonged” during the week. In this moment, we both recognized each other for the Type-A, controlling mamas that we were! Lol

But then, an older, wiser mother reminded us of a very important lesson that this sutra is speaking to.

She said, “You gotta learn how to just watch what’s going on around you like a movie. Nothing lasts forever so just observe the ‘bad’ stuff without judgment and let it pass.”

Of course she was absolutely RIGHT and well practiced at this thing called yoga!

We are the “seer” or the Self as yoga teaches us.  The Self (Soul/Spirit) is never disturbed.

All is AWAYS well in the mind of Self.

Our job as yoginis and moms, is to remember this often. And when we remember that, then we can watch all the craziness in our life, just like we’re watching a movie!

Sounds AWESOME in theory. But it’s something I am still working on! Maybe one day, I’ll be more like my yoga student! – Maybe!

How do you remember that all is well in your life?