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So I’ve been thinking about the yogic principle of Truth (Satya) lately.  At first glance, Patanjali appears to be talking about not lying, and that is a part of it. However it’s a little deeper than that.

He’s really trying to get at “Ultimate Reality Truth”. Meaning things that are True no matter what time, place or social economic status you may be.

We (especially women) are brought up to “believe” a lot of things to be true about the world and our place in it.

Some of us are taught that we are not complete if we don’t get married.  That we are a failure if we don’t have babies. That we are slackers or even gold diggers if we stay at home with said babies and don’t work a full time job. We may have learned that we are somewhat, less than our working male counterparts.

These beliefs may or may not have been explicitly stated to us. They may have been conveyed to us in subtle ways. Like your mom’s continued questions about when you’re getting pregnant. Or your significantly lower paycheck then your working male peers.

But the TRUTH is that you ARE complete no matter your marital status.  You are successful no matter what the circumstance of your life. And you are worthy of being provided for (even financially) ESPECIALLY if you find yourself raising the next generation!

Your inherent completeness, success and worth are non-negotiable.  That will always be your Truth.

All this getting on our mats and challenging our bodies. All this sitting, breathing and mantra-ing are ways to HELP us KNOW that Truth about us.

Notice I didn’t say help us believe who we are.

When we practice yoga, we get to practice experiencing ourselves as we really are.  Experiencing the Atman, or the Soul, that abides beneath all the layers of BS beliefs that the world has fed us!

So here’s to 7 more days of us practicing KNOWING our Truth, so that we can pass it down to the next generation!

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