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woman working at computerIt’s Monday morning and I’m doing my normal Monday morning stuff.  The kids are still sleep, so I’m checking email, checking on the progress of my ads and doing my other “work” for my business.

I’ve been so consumed with work stuff and kids stuff that I’m actually sick and tired of hearing about all of it.  I don’t want to see one more marketing tip to help me in my business. I don’t want to research any more after school activities for the kids. I just don’t want to be involved with my “jobs” at all.

Do you ever feel that way?

But of course, I can’t just shut down completely. Blog posts have to get written, marketing has to be done, kids really do need a new doctor and need to be registered for their extracurriculars.  But how do I do all of this when I really just want to hang out and pretend its vacation?

Well here are 3 things I do when this mood sets in.

1.Shut it down (kinda)!

No for real. I shut down the computer and leave work at my desk. If you work in an office and are employed by someone else you can always put your computer on sleep and sneak away for a 15 minute coffee break.  Sometimes it’s not the QUANTITY of time that you allow yourself to decompress it’s the QUALITY.

Usually when we get in this mood it’s because we haven’t been giving ourselves the quality of down time that we need to recharge. And so it’s time to change that if you want to actually get out of that mood.

2.Shift your mind set

The way you think about something really is EVERYTHING when it comes to how you experience a situation. Consider this, two women can have the same exact chronic disease and the same prognosis, however one woman can choose to focus on all the negative experiences she’s having and the other can choose to focus on all of the positive things, (no matter how little) that she is experiencing.

Often the super mamas of us all tend to go and go and don’t take enough time to reflect on the good that is in our lives.

Yes work is stressful, but I bet during the course of your work day there is something you enjoy. Even if it’s that you love coming home and seeing your little ones run to you when you see them in the evening. That’s a positive thing to look forward to. And trust me it’s not an experience that would happen if you DIDN’T go to work.

3.Schedule in time for play

Play may been different things for different moms.  For me play means I go flip around in the grass with my kids. Or take a challenging yoga class or walk in the park.  For you it may mean actually playing a team sport or getting your nails done, or going out for an indulgent dinner.

The fact of the matter is, if you work hard, you do deserve to play hard.

The key to really making that play count, is actually being present for it.  (I wrote a blog post all about being present you can check out here.) When you’re shopping, for instance, enjoy the experience of shopping. When you’re playing with your kids, enjoy the experience of playing with you kids.

If you’re not present for the things you do, its almost like it doesn’t really count.  Because  you would have been mentally somewhere else during the experience.

None of these suggestions actually require you to DO anything different. It doesn’t require you to take much extra time away from what you normally do. But if you do them, I can bet that you will find yourself more refreshed and more clear and focused than ever.

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