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The Gita says “Yoga is not for the person who eats a lot or for one who starves. Yoga is not for the person who sleeps too much or for one who is always keeping vigil.”

In other words in all that we do as yoginis we are seeking balance. You might even think of yoga as the practice of having just enough. You know like Goldie Locks.

We see this on our  mats don’t we? Just enough strength building effort, combined with just enough stretching and relaxing.

Our life is no different, even though as Westerners we treat ourselves like Super Moms. Instead of taking the rest we need, we guilt ourselves into doing one more load of laundry, or sending one last email.

Then of course we’re all thrown off, irritable and tired.  Not a good look!

What yoga is really good at teaching us is how to find our level of “enoughness.”  Because having enough is different for everyone.

Enough sleep for you may be 6 hours a night. Sorry but I need at least 8 to function right during the day. Enough food for me may be 2000 calories. And for you only 1500.

The real problem in our society is that we spend so much of our time looking to experts to tell us what is enough for us. “Is this a big enough house?” “Is this the right number of kids?” “Is this enough exercise, or food, or clothes?”  You get the point right?

There are service providers making tons of money who pride themselves on being able to answer those questions for ourselves.

But yoga takes us on a different path. It says, go inside yourself, because that’s where the answers to all your questions lie.

Ah, what a novel concept!

When you are unsure of how to find your way back to balance. Of how to know what is enough. Yoga teaches us to get still. To ask your inner being. And to be still enough to retrieve the answer.

Sometimes that answer is simple. Your body will absolutely tell you when you’ve had enough food. And then cue you again when you’re on empty. But if you’re following an eating regimen you may not hear those signals.

With other things in life its more subtle. Is this enough money? Or is this enough children? Are much more personal questions. But that doesn’t mean that your inner being can’t answer them accurately FOR  YOU.

So my challenge for you this week mama, is to set aside some time to ask and be still. Whatever area of your life you feel unsure or unbalanced about, sit down and write out your burning questions. Do your practice and go through your life as normal, and wait for the answers come to you. In my experience the answers have never failed me.

Here’s to a beautifully balanced week Mamas,

Xoxo Keya

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