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There is only one guarantee in Life ya know. That it will absolutely positively change at random moments.

I started this beautiful little yoga mamas group in the Fall of 2015 because my life revolved around two things that I loved so dearly: my three kids and yoga. I wanted to hang out with moms who were in the same, crunchy floor, crazy busy mom life headspace and so I opened up this FB group to find community.  And community I found. You guys are awesome, open and so super loving to each other… and your kids.

But as I mentioned earlier life changed. As my kids got older over the last few years I realized that my mom life was different than it had been before. No longer were my daily activities all about changing diapers, riding kids to preschool or packing copious amounts of snacks in my too-damn-big purse. Y’all know what I’m talking about!

Life with big kids is, quite honestly a little less mommy-ish. And so my world shifted. I started to actually be able to do more adult woman things that didn’t include my children. (you moms of older kids can relate to this already). Things like work full time hours without having to find childcare! Yeah- game changer. Things like having more yoga time alone without really feeling the need to carve it out. Pretty freakin awesome!

And so now I’m learning new (old) yogic lessons that have nothing to do with the things I loved to teach on my yoga mat. What I’m learning (very intensely over the last year) are lessons in acceptance, not so much accepting the chaos of mom life like I was when my kids were small, but in accepting change.

Here are a few yogic nuggets of wisdom about change that I’ve picked up this last 12 months:

  1. Change happens! Don’t just get over it, EMBRACE it!

The bottom line is, change is how we grow. Sometimes we are looking for change to come (and it often doesn’t come when want it) but many more times it comes when we least expect it. You know we’re just humming along making plans and then something just….well…changes. It could be an unexpected move to a new city. A new baby. Or in my case a “baby” (or babies) growing up and not needing me in the same way as they use to.

When change comes, take the opportunity to assess your priorities. Feel into your true desires so that you can know for sure what you actually want out of this new stage in your life. And embrace the changes that are happening because in the end they will ALWAYS make you a better woman.

  1. Move with the Waves of Change.

I’m finding that change happens in waves. There’s the bottom of the wave where you’re just humming along in status quo, and then if you pay attention, you can literally feel the building of the new energy.

This is the part when the wave starts to rise. Your life starts to feel a little shaken up. You’re not sure what’s coming. It may feel exciting or you may feel anxious. This is a perfect time for deep reflection. Journaling. Prayer. Guidance in discovering your purpose.

The peak of the wave is where things start to be made clear to you. You start to see just what direction you need to go in. You start learn deeper parts of yourself. Ah-ha moments and synchronicities are abundant.

And then the fun part of the wave. The down flow. This is when things just seem to “fall into place” and Life seems really miraculous.

Ride that freakin wave with grace mama. You may have absolutely no control of when the wave comes, but when it does recognize the phases of it and ride that bad boy into your new best self. Do your best not to try to hold onto the status quo in the first phase of the wave. Don’t ignore the shift that is taking place. That only makes you paddle up stream and Life, instead of simply feeling mysterious and unknown, will feel more like scary and hard. And that is no Bueno!

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Let Go

I have to admit, letting go of things is the hardest thing for me to do. But alas I have done a ton of “shedding” over the last 12 months. I let go of a business that I loved. I let go of friendships. I let go of ideas that I held for 30 years that just weren’t serving me. And in letting go of those things I thought I wanted I ended up gaining everything that I needed.

Life is funny that way.

Some would say (and I agree) that the spiritual path is one of letting go of all the things that cover your true Self. That is the only way that you can ever fully know who you really are. Yoga practice shows us the path to do this. After all yoga is all about practice and non-attachment. In other words, doing the work of self-mastery and self-knowing and letting go of the outcomes of that work.

Letting go at first glance seems hard, because its fear that holds our butts to our current station in life. But letting go frees us. Its surrender, as we learn in the yogic niyamas, at its best. This yogic surrender implies that you have relinquished your control, because you KNOW deep down in your bones that Life is for you and never against you. That you are supported in all that you do. And that Life/Source will always guide you to living your happiest and healthiest life.

And so, my sweet yoga mamas this is my final call of duty to this beautiful online community. Life has called me back to my roots of being a Therapist. It had a really round about way of getting me there lol. And Monday morning I start my new full-time job as a School Based Therapist, helping little kids navigate their way to their happiest and healthiest life. And I can guarantee there will be a LOT of yogic teachings happening with them.

But this group will go on! Kattie Alberty has been a staple in this group, basically since day one. She is a wonderful mom of gorgeous girls a yoga teacher that shares her work generously in Texas AND on her Youtube Channel and over the years Kattie has let us into her life and practice and she will continue to carry to torch of sharing how to use yoga to balance life and kids, without burning out!

Much love and gratitude to each and everyone one of you.

Xoxo~ Keya