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You know what?

I absolutely love when ancient texts (like the Yoga Sutras) teach us Truths that are now touted around as “new age” thinking.

Case in point.  This yoga sutra:

“Te hlada paritapa phalah punyapunya hetutvat = The karmas bear fruits of pleasure and pain caused by merit and demerit.”

Basically what this ancient yogic teaching is saying is that your life is your own creation and no one else’s. YOU and only you get to decide if you will do things that bring peace joy and happiness, or if you will do things that bring hurt, sadness and suffering.

As yoginis this concept shows up in so many places in our lives if we only become aware of it.

For instance, on our mats.  In every moment. With every posture. We can choose to do something that may stroke our ego in the moment but bring pain (aching muscles or an injury) in the future.   Or we can choose to honor our bodies for its abilities in that moment and practice an expression of the posture that maybe doesn’t look so glamorous BUT gives us the benefit we need that day.

In our home life with our kids. In every moment we can choose to lose our temper over minor “kid stuff” issues, which will bring regret and shame to us, as well as suffering to the child. Or we can choose to step back, breathe and respond in a way that honors the Light within both the child and us.

The bottom line is, happiness or lack there of is always a choice.

As Sri Swami Satchidananda says “You are your own best friend as well as your worst enemy.”

May we all practice being more of a “friend” to ourselves this week!

Love to you mamas!

Xoxo~ Keya

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