403 Forbidden


Woman in the forestI have this fear of doing.  Sure if you met me in the last four years you wouldn’t think this of me, because I’m always doing something.  Perhaps you would even think that I do too much and need to sit down and let someone else do.

But my fear of doing has nothing to do with WHAT my task is.  It has everything to do with my need to live a balanced life.

See there was a time not so long ago, where I did A LOT of things that I HAD to do.  You know how this goes – right?

You HAVE to clean the kitchen

You HAVE to do carpool

You HAVE to go to work

The problem was not just that I had a lot of things on my “must do” list, but that I didn’t have enough things on my “I would love to do” list.

When I lived this life I was often overwhelmed restless and irritated.  Can you relate to these feelings?

Here’s the thing mama, life doesn’t have to be lived in a tizzy.  You can learn to live a balanced life that places your soul’s yearnings at the center of your activity.

Here’s how.

1.First things first…. Figure out what you want your life to be like and feel like as a busy mom

This will be different for all of us.  For some moms, working full time in a job they absolutely adore is the way they feel most joy-filled. For other moms, staying home with their kids really makes their heart sing. And for other’s its some place in between.

2. Envision

Take yourself on a daydreaming adventure of what you imagine your life to be and look like when you are living a balanced and purposeful life.

Literally “see” your life in your mind’s eye.  Feel what it feels like to live that life.  What activities do you engage in? Who would be your friends and associates?  What would your daily rituals be like?

I like to “walk” myself through a day in the life of Keya Williams when I go through this process.

3.Say Yes!

Once you know how you’d like your life to be and you have a feeling for what your life could look like when you’re living within your “happy place”, then you have to jump in with both feet.

You have to say YES!

When a new opportunity to do something that is in total alignment with your purpose arises, be willing to go or it.  Even if it’s a little bit scary. Even if it’s a LOT scary.

4. Evaluate and shed when needed.

When we say yes to one thing we often times have to say no to something else.

There will be many activities that you may have engaged in before you began to align your actions with your purpose.  Some of those things will no longer be a part of your life.

It may mean ending a long term friendship, or even leaving a job that no longer serves you.

You have to be willing to let go in order to move on.

5. Get in and STAY in good with your Higher Self (or God)

As spiritual beings that are forever evolving there is no such thing as “ARRIVING”.

Just because you’ve identified your purpose does NOT mean that you are done.

As a matter of fact, the learning and the “work” is just beginning.

As a yoga teacher I tell my students that the “work” is in the practice.  So find ways to connect with your high Self or the Divine.

This could be establishing a meditation practice, learning to practice yoga, going to spiritual community (like church) or just doing things like, coloring, painting and dancing that stir you from the inside out.

Life (this life) is meant to be joyful.  It’s meant to be fulfilling. And it CAN be.

It’s not hard, grueling work to live a balanced life that is harmonious.  If it is, then that usually is an indication that you are doing the “wrong” thing for you.

To live the glorious life only requires that we take one step – and then take another.

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