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Hurt People Hurt People

We’ve all heard the old cliché “hurt people hurt people.” The idea that if you are in pain, whether it be emotional, physical or spiritual pain you are bound to inflict some pain on the ones around you, EVEN if it’s not intended.

The best gift I can give my loved ones and the world around me, is to find my joy. To learn how to be happy with myself. To learn how to be happy in the ABSENCE of “stuff” (houses, lots of money etc).

To learn how to be happy JUST BECAUSE I AM.

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Eating “Green” and Natural – The Perfect Recipe For Weight Loss

I saw a picture the other day of a beautiful plate of food. There was pan seared fish, sautéed veggies and a lovely salad. The photographer happily proclaimed that this meal was only 350 calories.

As delicious as the meal looked I couldn’t help but think “350 calories? That’s it!?”

See I work in an industry where people are consumed with the calories they consume. In the fitness world, I can’t keep up with the latest craze. (Umm carbs are good this month? I think?)

We are given one program to count calories. Another to count points. And if you don’t like counting you can choose yet another program that will ship pre-packaged processed foods to your door and you just eat! No counting needed.

There has never before been a time where we, as a culture, have been so obsessed with monitoring our food intake. YET there has never before been a time where we, as a culture, have been so OVER WEIGHT.

Perhaps we are missing something here.

Perhaps eating should be easy and we have over complicated something that children and babies think nothing of, yet they follow their instincts and thrive nonetheless.

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Keya Williams, MS, RYT

Keya Williams, MS, RYT

Yoga Lifestyle Consultant To Busy Moms

A busy mom of three, wife and Yoga Lifestyle Consultant, Keya knows just how challenging it can be to manage life with a house full of kids and other obligations.  That’s why she is passionate about teaching other busy moms, practical strategies to juggle Life & Kids without burning out, stressing out and becoming a “hot mess” of a woman.  Keya uses her background as a Psychologist and Yoga Teacher to help mothers take excellent care of themselves FIRST, so that they can be excellent moms to their kids.